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Chel Bell

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I’m a small town country girl . A little mulatto in Tomball, TX, I’ve always been “a talker”. Even being dubbed “Chatterbox” in elementary school by peers, with perfect report cards plagued with the note “..but she talks too much in class” to match. I can give you a soft and smooth tone that’s as sweet as milk and sugar with or without the southern drawl, either way it will be clear as a bell. If you need a sensible, informational read that is matter of fact or upbeat and playful to keep your audience engaged, I'm your gal!

I am tenacious and determined out of necessity, as my whole life Multiple Sclerosis was lurking beneath the surface. Despite its magnitude, I don’t want to spend too much time on it; I was fortunate to receive HSCT (stem cell) in 2018, and it halted my disease…though I’m now best from a seated position.

 My procedure in 2018 completely changed my perspective on life. Striving for “better” has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose for me, and my whole life experience makes me no longer willing to hold back! I am bigger, bolder and ready to take on anything! (Just sometimes, from a seat)

I look forward to bringing your project to life!

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I’ve coached hundreds of students and Chelsey is one of my favorites. She is an absolute delight to work with and any future client would be lucky to have her. You
can be assured that she will deliver a quality product with a lovely, rich, and welcoming tone. If you need it, she can do it, and you’ll be happy you chose her.

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